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Swarnolata Foundation is a centre for Vedanta Philosophy.

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Founder - Subrato Paul

Subrato Paul

Founder, UX/UI Designer

Subrato Paul, the founder of GoldenTwine.com in April, 2003, the site that became Swarnolata.com in September, 2019. He lives in Kolkata, India.
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Thanks for visiting our website, YOUR RESOURCE for how to create a professional online presence that you can maintain over time.

Website Rebranded

Swarnolata Digital is rebranded from Goldentwine Informatics, and hence moved from old domain goldentwine.com to new domain swarnolata.com wef September 11, 2019.

GoldenTwine Informatics, started in April 2003 in Kolkata, India, had varied interests in Internet Services like Website & Graphic Design, Internet Marketing. Our speciality was in Website & Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing.


Swarnolata Digital would like to offer quality internet services and standard digital products.
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Swarnolata Digital is an Internet company that delivers Gallant Testimony of Innovations to Internet Community. We excel in innovative ideas and scientific arts. We give shape to your dreams!


Shrimati Swarno Lata Pal (October 12, 1922 — April 1, 2017)
An Ordinary woman with an Extra-Ordinary zeal.
The Website is dedicated to the Lotus Feet of my Revered Mother.


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